Smiley Culture Campaign March Against Deaths in Custody

Saturday, 16 April 2011
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Smiley Culture Campaign March Against Deaths in Custody
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Thousands of people from across the country came together to support the family of Smiley Culture and the hundreds of other families who have lost loved ones in police custody or the care of the state. 
Estimated to be largest march of its kind since the New Cross Fire, this demonstration marks the change in both the community's response and national attitude towards the deaths in custody.



Traffic in the capital came to a standstill. With the chant 'No Peace, No Justice,' resonating in the air, the thousans of marchers made their way to New Scotland Yard to demand a change to the police practices that led to the death of Smiley Culture, Kingsley Burrell Brown, Julian Webster, Sean Rigg, Roger Sylvester, Christopher Alder, David Bennett and countless others.





Pic 3. Numbers on the march swelled as people joined the march en route, united in the calls for justice, that continued throughout the demonstration. 




Pic no 4. The family of Julian Webster, a 24-year -old who died after he was taken into police custody back in 2009 came down from Birmingham in a coach with the family of Kingsley Burrell Brown>

Along with a host of other supporters, this grieving familey were one of many who added their voice to growing nunmber for calling for change in the way Briton's black communities are treated by the police.



Pic 5. The Banner on the side of the truck speaks of what the Smiley Culture for Campaign for Justice is all about.  

6_-_C4_coverage_of_March_16-4-11Pic 6. National coverage of the march as it was happening from all the mainstream TV stations, radio and newspapers, has made it clear that this march has turn an issue which has been of widespread concern acorss the community for a number of years into a national issue.

With demands for a quick response from the highest office in Government today's march makes it clear this is an issue will not go away.




Pic 7. At the forefront of this march for change.

Merlin Emmanuel had buried his uncle David Emmanuel (Smiley Culture) just the day before the march. Leading voice for change, Lee Jasper and loved ones of Kingsely Burrell Brown, also took the lead on this march.



Pic 8. Students, community activists, stood with family members and supporters from all sections of the community and beyound - united in their call for justice.



Pic 9. Bereaved family members stand united as they lead the campaign for change.


 Pic 10 Thousands cross the bridge to Westminster united behind the grieving families who have lost loved ones in police and state custody. 


  Pic 11 Crys of 'No Peace, No Justice' ring out over Westminster as family members and campaigners lead the peacful protest outside parliament.


Pic 12. Speaking with one voice 'No Justice, No Peace'



Matilda MacAttram BMH UK's director out in support of families and relatives who have lost loved ones in custody.


Pic 13. Pain and anger of grieving families clearly tangible


Pic 14. Smiley Culture family state 'police are not above the law'.



Pic 15. Kingsley Burrell Brown's Family thanks marchers and call for wholesale change in the treatment of the community and justice for Kingsley.



Pic 16 Grieving mother with picture of son who died in police custody.



Pic 17.  Standing for justice in the face of adversity. 



Pic 18. May your life not have been lost in vain - Smiley Culture, rest in peace.

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