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BMH UK's Top 30 for 2015

Wednesday, 30 December 2015


BMH UK's Top 30 for 2015

Essential reading for those interested in human rights and social justice

Top_30Black Mental Health UK's( BMH UK) Top 30 list for 2015 spotlights the leading individuals that are doing essential work to improve the way African Diaspora living the UK are treated by these services.

It is essential reading for anyone with an interest in human rights and social justice, that is working in the arena of mental health and policing.

This list is of particular significance to people from the UK's African Caribbean communities, as black Britons continue to be disproportionately subject to detention under the Mental Health Act, particularly via police referrals, even though there isn't a higher prevalence of mental illness amongst this group.

While retaining the focus on mental health, BMH UK's work has broken new ground in 2015 with a parliamentary round table for the community on the injustice of the mass incarceration of black Britons. Also our pre-election House of Lords event highlighted the need for the Diaspora to prioritise addressing the injustices that are hitting black Britons hardest when engaging with politicians.

BMH UK's intervention at the United Nations ICERD (International Convention of Elimination of Racial Discrimination) 50 celebration on the need for the formal recognition of anti-black/African-phobic racism faced by people of African Descent living in the UK, and our call for action to be taken to address this, has pushed our work out more widely across the international human rights arena.

Matilda MacAttram director of Black Mental Health UK (BMH UK) said: 'Significant strides have been made in 2015 with BMH UK's parliamentary events on the criminal justice system and its impact on black Briton as well as our general election work. The intervention that I made during the UN ICERD 50 celebrations will mean that the practice of conflating the injustices faced by people of African Descent living in the UK with other issues within the equalities agenda will have to be addressed.

A lot more work still needs to be done to end the routine police presence on locked mental health wards and the Tasering vulnerable patients. Those listed in the years BMH UK'S Top 30 list have in no small way assisted in the BMH UK's work over the past 12 months.'

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