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Social model of mental health needs equal footing with medical model parliamentary report states

30 September 2016

APPG_report_into_mental_health_social_work_Aug_2016A new inquiry report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Work into adult mental health services has found that social work is essential preventing a mental health crisis and has flagged up the need for the social model of mental health to be promoted on an equal footing with medical and other clinical approaches. This document notes that black people in particular continue to be experience poorer outcomes and that the much needed prevention model for mental health care continues to remain under developed.


Government committee concludes 'parity of esteem' between mental and physical health very difficult to achieve

28 September 2016

Improving_Access_to_Mental_Health_Services_-_House_of_Commons_Sept_16A new report by the House of Commons Select Committee has concluded that while the Government has a "laudable ambition" to improve these services, they are sceptical it is affordable or achievable without compromising other services. Community activist say that the omission of any inclusion of evidence from even one a black led agency in this report, in light of the continuing disproportionate detention rates of people from the UK's African Caribbean communities, who are subject to the most coercive and costly treatment when in this system, raises serious concerns.


Questions raised in parliament on transparency of Taser use against detained patients

07 July 2016

officer_taser_beltBy Zephaniah Samuels
In a bid for greater transparency on the disturbing use of Taser against patients detained on locked psychiatric wards, shadow Lib Dem health spokesman The Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP has tabled a series of written questions asking for details on the number of times that this firearm has been deployed against patients in the past five years. This comes on the back of the former minister for mental health's call for a ban on Tasers in hospitals in support of BMH UK's campaign to end this human rights abuse.


Home Secretary needs to be alerted every time police attend mental health wards

01 July 2016

Charles_Walker_OBE_MP_3_Charles Walker MP's call for the Home Secretary to be notified whenever police are deployed onto psychiatric wards, reflects the widespread concern over the absence of any transparency around this practice. The need for independent investigations into every incident was flagged up as a way of addressing the culture of cover-up that currently surrounds such cases. These demands, which were made during the Policing and Crime Bill debate, are a sign of progress, but fall short of the outright ban of police presence on wards that BMH UK is lobbying for.


Shattering the silence on the hidden human rights abuse of Taser against detained mental health patients

30 June 2016

Rt_Hon_Norman_Lamb_speaking_Clause_to_ban_Taser_on_psychiatric_wards._-_13-06-16The call for an outright ban on the use of Taser against patients detained on locked psychiatric wards by the former minister for mental health the Rt. Hon Norman Lamb MPs in support of BMH UK's campaign, during the House of Commons debate on the Policing and Crime Bill, has placed this largely hidden human rights abuse on the national agenda, while reminding politicians and the sector more widely of the protections that this group have under international human rights law.


BMH UK's Campaign to ban Taser against detained patients a step closer to becoming law

29 September 2016

Ban_TaserBMH UK's campaign to secure a ban on the illicit practice of police deploying Taser against patients detained under the Mental Health Act on locked psychiatric wards is a step closer to becoming law, as an amendment to the Policing and Crime Bill, by former minister for mental health Norman Lamb MP, supporting BMH UK's demands has been re-tabled for debate in the House of Lords.


State violence against the community sees death of another black man, Dalian Atkinson, after being Tasered by police

15 August 2016

Dalian_Atkinson__ex_Man_City_Football_athleteBritain's black communities have been left terrified in the wake of the tragic death of footballer Dalian Atkinson, after he was Tasered by police at his parents' home, in the early hours of Monday morning. Activist say this spotlights the alarming levels of force being used against people from the UK's African Caribbean communities and point to this, latest in a long line of fatalities, as reinforcing the need for ban of these so called 'less lethal weapons' against vulnerable people, particularly those detained under the Mental Health Act.


UN Human Rights Council adopt resolution on mental health and human rights

06 July 2016

UN_GA_MH_resolution_July_2016By Ruth Dayspring
The United Nations Human Rights Council has adopted a new resolution on mental health and human rights without a vote. With growing human rights concerns around the treatment of detained patients from the UK's African Caribbean communities, this comes as a timely reminder of the need for states to promote and protect all human rights and fundamental freedoms and to ensure that policies and services related to mental health comply with international human rights norms.


Review of provision of supported housing for those with mental health needs sidelines race

01 July 2016

Centre_for_MH_report_-_More_than_shelter_-_supported_accomodation_June_16A Department of Health commissioned literature review on people with mental health problems and housing's failure to make any reference to race, or the body of evidence which shows that the social and economic exclusion faced by ethnic minority groups makes them more vulnerable to becoming homeless, raises concerns across Britons black communities, that this omission is part of a move see the injustices faced by black patients who use mental health services remain unaddressed.


Inquiry on restraint, solitary confinement & strip searching of children in prison makes no reference to race

29 June 2016

Carlile_Inquiry_20_years_onThe 'Carlile Inquiry 10 years on', which examines the use of restraint, solitary confinement and strip-searching, has slammed the 'illegal systematic abuse of children' in this report. With young people from the UK's African Caribbean communities accounting for a staggering 28% of those in children's prison, the absence of any reference to race or indication on the use of force against this group is a grave omission race equality experts say.


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